Halabtech Silver 3 Month Activation

$ 21.00

How to buy

To receive Halabtech activation, please:

  1. Create a user account at support.halabtech.com
  2. While placing your order, please indicate your email from the registered Halabtech account.

Order processing time: 1-3 hours


Halabtech Silver (3 Month Access) allows you to download 187 GB of flash files a day from Halabtech digital platform.The Halabtech platform contains diagrams, manuals, test points, damp files, installers, ROM files, and many others.

Why Halabtech?

  • Numerous firmware, files, and solutions for servicing Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other phones*:
    • diagrams, manuals, test points, damp files, latest installers, ROM files, etc.
  • You can request the needed file.
  • Files are added and updated every day. (see latest 100 files)
  • High-speed downloading.
  • One-click access to support.
  • The main source for all brands.


Access Period 3 months
Total downloads (daily) 187 GB / 325 Files
Max. Extra downloads (daily) 39 GB / 15 Extra Files
Daily free downloads 39 GB / 15 Files
You can change 25 IPs per month