LG X4 IMEI Repair Solution Just MTK No Need Box

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LG X4 IMEI Repair Solution Just MTK No Need Box

This IMEI tool is designed to enable customers to change MTK based mobile phone IMEI numbers.


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How to use SCIPHONE I68 & I68+ IMEI TOOL

Step 1: Write down current IMEI numbers from the sticker on the rear of the phone.
Step 2: Turn on your mobile phone.
Step 3: Slide to unlock screen, this will take you to the phone main menu buttons.
Step 4: Plug the phone into the computer USB cable. A new menu will appear.
Step 5: Select comport on the phone screen.
Step 5A: If drivers have not been installed then the computer will prompt you to install them. When Windows try to find drivers select advance and show it the .inf file that comes in the zip file. or you can install the driver manually, locate the .inf file, right-click with the mouse, then select the install option (Picture provided in XP folder).


Step 1A: Open the IMEI tool.
Step 1: Select Auto search or manually open port.
Step 2: IMEI tool will automatically read current IMEI numbers and display them in a small area above the white box. Enter the new required IMEI numbers from the rear of the phone sticker.
Step 3: Select “Set new IMEI on Sciphone”. The message will appear after a few seconds.
Step 4: Reset the phone by disconnecting the USB cable then turning off the phone.