Tecno TR118 Firmware ORA-V012-SKU1-20220210-TR118-E-ZTE

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How to Flash Tecno TR118 WiFi

Install “ZTE_Develop_Driver” driver

  • Open Version–Platform, find ZTE_Develop_Driver, and click it to install

Install flash tool

  • Open Version, find flash tool installation.exe, click it to install.
How to Flash Tecno TR118
  • Click “下载 PV 版本”, it will download the flash tool automatically
  • Install successfully, it will create a shortcut automatically in desktop
Upgrade software
  • As an administrator to run “生产测试平台”.
  • Input Username 00000000, without password, then click “Logon”.
  • Click “Download Product Version
  • Choose Config Panel–File Path, then choose flash file, click save
  • Choose Operate Panel, click ”ALL Start”.
How to Flash Tecno TR118
  • TR118 shutdown,
  • TR118(with battery) connect computer by USB cable,
  • then press power key of TR118 device 1-2 seconds, the progress bar will be displayed during devicedownload and upgrade.
  • If the progress bar reaches 100%, the upgrade is successful.